Thursday, 14 March 2013

Ottobre design magazine - first impressions and other new patterns!

My Ottobre design magazines arrived yesterday! They came with a note thanking me for my order and hoping that I enjoy my sewing! Thank you Dots N Stripes I will be visiting you again!

This is the issue I am going to make my coat/hoodie from:

There are 19-20 patterns in each issue and there are two women's issues and four children's issues per year. You can subscribe to either or a combination, or buy one off issues which is what I did. These are the designs featured in this issue:

Less drunken images available on Dots N Stripes website! As you can see there are at least four hoodie/warm coat type designs that are all the length I have in mind, and I am now spoiled for choice. I have ordered some fleece samples. This is going to happen!

First impressions Ottobre design has a glossy feel and the photos show the clothes clearly (mostly from the front). I would describe the overall style of the designs as modern/practical. This is not a criticism, quite the reverse. Using different fabrics you could easily build up a wardrobe that would work for many occasions just from this one magazine, which if you did would be great value.The clothes aren't accessorized with random ready-to-wear pieces  either (whenever this happens, I always want to make the ready-to-wear piece!), excepting tights/leggings. But the absolute BEST top mark thing is that the women wearing the clothes look real. All attractive and beautiful but a mixture of heights and sizes just like me and my friends. I think I will be more realistic about how these garments will look as a result.

I have also been given three new patterns by my lovely children for Mother's Day:

My cheeky son has challenged me to make the peplum jacket in the first pattern but I doubt that will happen before May as I need to focus on basics. However I think it is adorable, and I would like to make it later in the year. The middle pattern has real summery vibes, and I love all the classy pieces in the final pattern (going left to right). I am looking forward to a busy year of garment making! What patterns are you looking forward to sewing up?

Happy sewing, 'til next time!


  1. I am looking forward to seeing what you make from Ottobre. I have a little collection of the women's mags and have made a yoked tee shirt from them twice I think. I am planning to try and use them more soon rather than buy new patterns. I like the way they use a variety of size and age models and I think the patterns are good for women with "real" figures. Great Mothers Day pressies too. xx

  2. This was such a lovely review to read, dear Phillipa. I've not caught wind of this publication over on the other side of the pond yet, but would really imagine it being of great interest to many sewers here, too. The idea of sewing garments being sported by models that actually look like range of real world women really appeals to me, too (if only all fashion related mags in general would do that!).

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend & the happiest of sewing!
    ♥ Jessica

  3. I've sewn many Ottobre patterns, but this women's issue and the summer one before it are favorites. Because they tend more toward the "practical", as you mention, I do tend to wear my Ottobre garments everyday. Good luck trying out your new patterns!