Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A Shift In Attitude!

Thank you to everyone who commented on my Sewing Setbacks post. It was so reassuring to see that even advanced sewers become frustrated when their sewing doesn't go to plan and sometimes let things sit for a bit. It motivated me to replace the metal zip on my denim skirt with a super safe modern plastic one and a rustic looking wooden button:

It's so much better and the zip insertion was much easier second time. I am wearing the skirt right now (with a big smile on my face!).

Also sewing this has made me look at side zips everywhere! This is the zip insertion on my daughters RTW skirt. Admittedly a good press would make all the difference, but...I mean, handmade can actually be better!!

I do feel encouraged to keep bashing away at making more wardrobe staples for myself. I suppose I was worried people may point and laugh ;)

Happy sewing, 'til next time!


  1. I don't visit RTW clothes shops all too often these days as they have nothing that I particularly want to wear but when I do I must say that the first thing I notice is the appalling sewing.It does give ME some encouragement though!

  2. I forgot to say well done on your skirt rescue too!

  3. Oh, I'm glad you got it fixed (and right away, too!)

    It took me a while to get to this stage, cough, cough, but as time goes on, I definitely notice more and more poor sewing in RTW - like crooked plackets, loose threads... and the cheap fabric is another story!

  4. Great job, honey! Thank goodness for plastic zippers and buttons - where would us nickel-allergy suffers be without them? (Wearing a lot of wrap skirts, I suspect! ;))

    Thinking of you and sending tons of wishes your way for a marvelous last weekend of May (can you believe we're so far into spring I already?!), my dear friend!

    ♥ Jessica

  5. A brilliant save, and yay for you! getting onto it so quickly! I'm sure this cute skirt will become a wardrobe staple :)