Sunday, 12 May 2013

Me-Made-May Week 2 - Thoughts on a minimal wardrobe

Day 8
Day 9
Looks as though Sunday nights are round-up time around here! This post is primarily to document my Me-Made-May challenge.

You don't have to look too closely to see that I am wearing pretty much the same clothes on rotation! Not only do I have a minimal me-made wardrobe, I have a fairly minimal number of clothes anyway. There are a number of reasons for this - environment, illness (I cannot walk in a shopping centre/mall for more than an hour to an hour and a half even with a break, plus I do not like them), lifestyle (now I work at home I can be much less formal) and preference (I hate looking in to a stuffed wardrobe and feeling I have "nothing to wear"!). I might post some more on this when I have more time. How the state of my wardrobe links to Me-Made-May is that one of my reasons for taking part is "to identify my most urgently needed garments and make them myself if possible".

Last week I identified I needed more layers, a slip and warmer bottom halves.

I am pleased to say I have not been idle and in the next day or so will have a new garment to show!

Day 10 - ThemeFriday, my sewing corner
wearing first Simplicity 1920 top made pre-blog
I haven't posted repeat outfit pictures on Flickr as I feel they will be boring. But I did put up this one of my sewing corner! While I am not a panic sewer, I am sorry to report I have been a panic tidier. I spent two and a half hours this week clearing up in here and it still looks like this! My sewing space is a corner in a multi-purpose room (you can just see a printer lurking behind my machines). It is used for music practice and is also where I do my work and blogging (the desk you can see in front of my machines is where my computer lives). I spend a lot of time in here! I feel very lucky to be able to leave my machines out, as for years I only had the family table. Now I can just pop in here when I have a few spare minutes and sew.

Learned this week
- I don't need a lot of variety to be happy.
- I am getting better at facing the camera. The key for me is get the photo taken quick and don't be too picky!

Loved this week
- I am not sure of the etiquette around naming individuals, but I have been very inspired by some of the outfits on the Flickr group, three in particular. Two are checked tops (not shirts) and the other is a lady who sews the most beautifully fitted dresses in small florals. They sound twee in my description but they are just soooo elegant!
- Seeing where others sew. How generous to share your spaces. Thank you!

Day 11

Happy sewing, 'til next time!


  1. I think one good item is better than 10 mediocre ones! I applaud your minimalist wardrobe :)

  2. I too applaud your minimalist wardrobe! I say go for it regarding making a check top. I love my little sleeveless check top- seems to go with lots of other things. :)