Sunday, 19 May 2013

Me-Made-May Week 3

Day 14
Simplicity 1920 again
with thrifted wool cardigan
Day 15
New Look 6035/Simplicity 1717
denim skirt & thrifted jumper
Day 16
My first Simplicity 1920 again!
Day 17
Denim skirt & Ottobre fleece

I am sorry to say reviewing these photographs has reminded me what a difficult week I have had. The weather has been very cold and wet for the time of year (note constant presence of scarves) and I had a bad time health wise. However I have had a lot of fun interacting on the Flickr group, which I have enjoyed all the more when I was limited with what else I could do. As you can see I have been mixing and matching my few me-mades, too, and made headway by making my first "most urgently needed garment" ( now needing correction in zipper area, see previous post!). All aims I had at the outset of MMM.

Last week I spent two and a half hours tidying my sewing corner as a result of knowing I had to photograph it. This week I thought it was time I got to grips with my "wardrobe" to see just what I have (or haven't). This involved doing more ironing than I would have liked but it was necessary to get a true picture. I was quite surprised and may have to consider ironing more often! I want a little more time to come to some conclusions so I am planning to post about this in a few days.

I hope you had a happy week 3 and are enjoying or learning from your me-made experiences!

Happy sewing, 'til next time!


  1. Oh honey, I'm really sorry to hear that the poor weather hasn't been sitting well with your health {{{big hugs}}}.

    I'm a big fan of sizing up one's wardrobe every now and then. I usually do it about one to three times a year, purging/selling in the process, and accessing what I need/hope to buy in the coming months.

    Sending countless healing wishes your way,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. The weather is being a summer for us again I think!
    I can't believe I am still wearing thick tights at times but then again it has changed how I think about wearing some of my more summery outfits.I have also resolved that when M&S put out their "winter" stuff I am going to buy tons and tons of woolly and coloured tights to last an entire year!!