Sunday, 5 May 2013

What I have learned and loved - Me-Made-May Week 1

Day 1

1. The weather in England in May is capricious. Most days I was either too hot or too cold. Layers for May!

2. I like wearing florals (at least, on this skirt)!  I only had this fabric because it was cheap in our charity shop and was unusual colours. Wearing it made me feel cheerful and feminine. I will start considering selected florals.

3. I need a couple of slips to go under my cotton skirts so that I can extend their wear with leggings when it's chilly (otherwise they ride up).

4. I would like some warmer bottom halves (other than jeans), but I knew this already really...

Day 2
Day 3

5. The top half of day 3 does me no favours! Cardi/wrap has been re-donated (originated from charity shop) and old vest top has been recycled.

Day 4
Another casualty of Me-Made-May!
The white linen shirt pictured above was heavily refashioned a couple of years ago (collar removed & shape changed, sleeves removed, armholes changed, fit changed, shortened), I was looking forward to wearing it  as it is cool and pretty (it has some white embroidery you can't see in the photo), but the button over the bust gapes too much :( so I have donated it.

7. Using Flickr is easy.


1. The massive Flickr group. I don't have time to look at all the photos! Inspirational style.

2. The international flavour - there seems to be more nationalities taking part this year. I love looking at not only the clothes, but snapshots of other countries, their weather, snippets of other lives...

3. Being part of something. Sewing can be quite a solitary activity. Hoorah to Zoe for bringing us all together.

Looking forward to Week 2!

Happy sewing, 'til next time!


  1. Interesting to read your thoughts so far. I am waiting to see what your new realisation that you like florals will bring!

  2. glad that you are enjoying MMM'13.It does give you lots of encouragement to wear your own clothes.Thank you too for all of your nice comments!

  3. How fantastic that you've fallen for florals - they're my all-time favourite kind of print (and all the more so if they're vintage). In fact, I've said (half-jokingly) before that parts of my closet look more like a garden than a wardrobe because of all the floral peppered through those areas. The skirt you made is really, really pretty! I love that you partnered it with a purple cardi, I probably would have done the same thing (pale pink or aqua might look nice, too).

    Thank you very much for your splendidly lovely "catching up" comment this morning, dear gal. I'm going to try to do a fair bit of that this weekend myself, too (I'm still playing major catch up from the couple of weeks I had to take off post-surgery last month).

    I think of you often, my sweet friend, and truly hope that May continues to go positively for you on all possible fronts.

    Oodles of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica