Wednesday, 17 July 2013

You Are Invited On A Country Walk!

So, this post comes under the heading of "Other Stuff" mentioned in my blog title.

When I read other people's blogs, I love to see little snippets of their lives, scattered in among the other posts. It's always fascinating to see other places, and how location can shape your I would like to invite you to share my morning walk. Got your sturdy shoes? Let's go!

First we go out of my back gate and walk along the first dyke.

Dykes are basically drainage ditches that bisect the landscape where I live.

Admire the bouquets of wildflowers along the way!

Cross the little bridge.

Skirt the beanfield.

As we walk, we disturb all kinds of birds and insects. Doves coo, pigeons clatter out of trees, tiny siskins flitter in a group. At other times of year, we might see duck, egret, heron or many other small commoner species. Butterflies of many hues and shiny blue and brown dragonflies can be found everywhere, as can bees and flies of all types. It's not as quiet as you think in the field!

Many small flowers flourish in the margins of the field.

Even on ground as dry as this.

We are bordered by blackberry, elderberry and rosehip scrambling together to form a rough but bountiful hedge.

Back through the beanfield. Almost home! I will make you a cool drink.
What did I discover from my walk today?
Many treasures more precious than jewels...and...I need a sunhat and a spare skirt. Brambles can be unkind!

More sewing to come!
'til next time!


  1. Seconded completely - I adore it when bloggers share "sideline snippets" of their lives or other interests beyond what lies at the heart of their site, too. It's really interesting to get to know more about the lives, hobbies, locations, etc of the friends I connect with online.

    This looks like such a wonderfully lovely spot for a walk. I'd want to take Annie there for sure - and also grab some outfit snap photos in such a splendidly pretty natural landscape as well.

    I love that blackberries grow wild in your area - we have a lot of fruit around these parts (the Okanagan Valley where we live is one of Canada's largest fruit producing regions) - but not many blackberries, save perhaps what people plant and grow in their gardens. This part of the province is more about fruits like cherries, peaches, apricots, pears, apples, and (mostly wine) grapes.

    Thank you for taking us along on your beautiful nature walk, sweet Philippa, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I love the sound of all the beautiful fruits where you live. It's mostly veggies here!

  2. Oooh! I love snippets as well, and you cannot beat the glorious British countryside! I hope you are enjoying all the lovely sunshine :)

  3. You live in a really lovely area!

  4. Love your walk!
    I take it you live in Fen Country somewhere.My ancestors on my mothers side were Fen dwellers and my mother loves the vast open feel of the Fens.
    I love bean fields too!! Don't they just smell utterly georgeous when in full throttle and the bees go mad for them too.I think that this has been such a lovely idea for a post thank you for sharing.Perhaps I could take you on a similar blog-walk where I live one day?!

    1. You have guessed correctly - I live right on the edge of the Fens, just as the land begins to flatten (although raised in a neighbouring, more undulating county, this has been my adult home). I truly love it here, the winds have no barrier right down to the sea and the breeze often has that fresh feel to it, so that when I walk my dogs it reminds me of being on holiday...I love being able to see for miles and really don't like to feel hemmed in, but I understand it doesn't suit everyone. Friends from hillier parts of the country tell me they find it difficult to adapt to a 'featureless'landscape. None of my ancestors are from far away, so maybe that is a factor in feeling so at home here. I would love to see the landscape around you. I think where we live affects so many things, including what we make and wear.