Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Last Skirt of Summer & The Field in Autumn

I mentioned that I had one last sarong refashion...here it is complete. The fabric was a gift from a friend and is a lightweight, printed cotton. The skirt is made from my TNT mystery vintage A-line skirt pattern (story here), lined with a thin cotton lining taken from the skirt I refashioned into a top here.

I have discovered this shape without lining does not wear well, at least when made from ordinary cotton. It looks better with a little support and will hopefully last longer. I was going to use a waist slip instead of lining, but since I wear cotton skirts mostly in the warmer months I decided a breathable cotton lining made more sense.

Skirt front
Skirt back

There was a lot of pattern to consider for matching. I picked my battles and concentrated on the hemline and the back where the zip was inserted. It wasn't going to match all round as the pattern was not printed strictly on grain. I'm not too concerned in as there is such a lack of pattern and stripe matching in the shops (even with some upmarket brands), I am convinced that nobody notices these small details unless they make clothes themselves! 

I think the skirt would look good with a contrasting colour t-shirt (maybe an orange/red or coral?), but it will have to wait as I think this is probably my last summer garment for now. I didn't make everything I would have liked this summer, but I am uncertain about sewing summer clothes in the winter. I guess I will have to see how I feel.

Finally I thought those of you that came on a country walk with me this July, might like to see what the fields look like at this time of year. The dyke sides were cleared a couple of weeks ago by a tractor with a box scraping attachment. This is so that any restrictions to water flow are removed before the wetter months. The dykes around us never seem to get a lot of water in them, but without clearance the land would soon revert to being no longer land, but a marriage of land and water...no good for walking of any kind!

If you look closely you can see the scraping reveals the holes of all the
waterside dwelling rodents, which I occasionally startle on my walks!

All the crops have been harvested. When I was growing up, stubble like that in the field below would have been burnt off at this time of year, but it is illegal in England and Wales now as it poses a risk to nearby habitations.

Some of the land has already been ploughed. When this large field behind our house is, the view changes completely to chocolate brown/black furrows - that's when I feel the season has really changed.

On the bounty front, although the wildflowers have gone, there is plenty to be harvested in the hedgerows. Usually I would have made blackberry and apple jam by now, but my parents had such a bumper crop of gooseberries this year every jam jar has been filled!

I am so looking forward to autumn and winter sewing, to see what everyone makes and to share what I do; and of course, to those on the other side of the world, to see what lovely summer ideas you have! Warm October wishes to you all and

Happy sewing, 'til next time!


  1. Fall is my favorite time of the year. Those berries in the last picture look heavenly!

    Your skirt looks fantastic and I think you are right: we are more concerned with matching things than others are.

    I had to read your story on the skirt - cringe!!! I love vintage patterns so much. However, it is great that you are using it because they were meant to be used and not just looked at from time to time (like mine are...) lol.

  2. Beautiful countryside! I love the fall too and have been making some preserves as well. Your skirt is lovely and you worked that print perfectly!

  3. What a nice use of your sarong fabric! The print placement looks great, and the skirt looks perfect with your white top. Thank you for sharing your environment with us, too!

  4. Ooohh, gooseberries are so scrumptious. They're woefully hard to find around these parts (as are numerous "exotic fruits"), but I do keep my eyes peels, just in case. The first time I ever had them was when I lived in Ireland and became a fast fan.

    Your skirt turned out beautifully. It's such a lovely pattern and classic shape. You look so wonderfully pretty, my sweet friend!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Eyes peeled - wee typo, sorry.

      ♥ Jessica

  5. The countryside is so beautiful where you live! and that's a cute little skirt :)

  6. Lovely skirt. It looks very wearable. x