Thursday, 13 February 2014


This week's exercise was about taking a look at the silhouettes you like to wear. For all the details, go here.

I really struggled this week. I'm not sure why - I've driven a lot of miles over the past few days so tiredness could be a factor. Anyway, for some lovely silhouettes take a look at Sarai's gorgeous Polyvore images, here.

The idea is to find silhouettes you like rather than silhouettes that create a perfect body shape, but in the past I've overdosed on Trinny & Susannah-type advice, and have somewhat rebelled...I know that lower/wider/wrap necklines will flatter a large bust, but if it's cold and snowy outside I want a polo neck regardless. Possibly I am too much of a practical person to take a lot of interest in investigating silhouettes!

Anyway I was determined to do something this week towards this project which will be useful for me and future sewing, so I decided to make a croquis:

I've wanted to do this before but was too lazy, so this project gave me the push I needed. I used a traced photograph to make my croquis, but I suspect there is a much more hi-tech way. I wore leggings and a vest top for my photograph and that worked out quite well except I think I have a bit more waist definition in real life, as the vest top skimmed over the indent a bit (if that makes sense).

I then drew on some different shapes and styles, mostly 'bottoms', as that's the area I was mostly looking at last week. They aren't whole silhouettes as was intended in the exercise but it is quite interesting to see how different lengths and styles appear on my (pretend) body.


    More skirts and a couple of dresses


I'm keeping an open mind as to the usefulness of my croquis. I think I may need to be a little less tired to decide whether I've learnt anything! One thing I feel is that a side view would have been useful especially for seeing what styles of tops look good, but I have to confess I'd run out of steam by the time I'd done these!

Have you ever made a croquis and do you think they are useful (be honest - I'd love to know!)?

Happy sewing, 'til next time!


  1. I've never made one but I've seen them on other blogs. They are useful to an extent I would think. I mean, just looking at yours shows how very different skirt hemlines can adjust your height! I liked the longer skirts but felt they made your croquis look shorter compared to the just above the knee ones. Then when I saw the short pleated skirt I actually went "woah" out loud! lol. That is short ;-)
    It would be cool to keep a journal of sorts of what you wore (by drawing on your croquis) and then sort of rate how your day was and how happy/unhappy you felt. It would be interesting to compare if there is a correlation between your happy days and certain things you wear.
    I'm still loving these posts. They are so informative and helpful!

  2. We are on the same wavelength yet again - I made a croquis recently! I think they are extremely useful - it's like a design equivalent of a muslin that you can make in minutes. So far, I've used it to determine hem lengths/shapes as well as for planning whole outfits. I think it could also be really cool for thinking out how you might alter or combine patterns. I know you're not necessarily asking for feedback on the silhouettes, but I couldn't help noticing that the two shorter skirt lengths, the pencil skirt, tunic and tapered pants look really nice!

  3. I am following Sarai's wardrobe architect posts, too, but putting off doing the 'work' as I am about to move back to the UK from Japan, so want to be settled before I do it. I've wondered about bothering to make a croquis before and having seen yours (you look my shape, too!) I am definitely going to do it because the simple silhouette drawings do show how different styles look very clearly! I am amazed! I'm sure when you are less tired you will be glad you did this. Anyway - I am inspired! Thank you!

  4. I had to smile ear-to-ear over the fact that you're a What Not To Wear rebel at times! :) I love and watches both the North American version and the UK one, too, and while I did agree with a fair number of their suggestions, there were times when I wanted to raise a hand and object, because they weren't always 100% spot on, IMO (though fashion, like so many other things, is subjective, so to each their own in terms of the "rules").

    So true...a side view of yourself can shock one into seeing their figure in a whole new, not always uplifting light, but it is for the better in the long run.

    Big hugs & tons of joyful Valentine's Day wishes, my very dear friend!
    ♥ Jessica

  5. This looks very useful! And it's a reminder that I need to redo my croquis, as I used a photograph for it that wasn't really appropriate, as the angle was all wrong. :)