Wednesday, 5 February 2014


This week's worksheet was all about the shape (as in the actual style lines) of the garments you like to wear. A full explanation is on the Coletterie website here. In brief, the worksheet is quite a detailed chart where you rate your feelings about wearing different shapes using a numerical system. You can rate the ease, length, fullness, waistline, necklines and sleeves of clothes with 0 rated as 'I hate wearing this', 5 'I am neutral about wearing this' to 10 'I am happiest wearing this'. I urge you to give it a go. It really was very enlightening for me as I've never seen my preferences mapped out like this before. 

You can download a copy here if you would like to try this yourself.

My Results

I've put a few illustrations in here as one of the things I've learnt since I started sewing more and blogging is just how highly visual I am. I rely on diagrams more than words in patterns and remember pictures better than text, so I think this will remind me of my favourite styles more quickly than just lists.

10's - 'I am happiest wearing this' went to:
Skirts - knee length, A-line, mid/natural waistline
Dresses - somewhat fitted, knee length, mid/natural waistline
Tops and blouses - somewhat fitted/somewhat loose, above hip length
Jackets and blazers - somewhat fitted/somewhat loose, above hip length
Cardigans - somewhat fitted/somewhat loose, above hip length
Outerwear - somewhat fitted/somewhat loose, tunic/above hip length
Necklines - V-neck, square, scoop
Sleeves - cap sleeve, full length sleeve

Home » Skirts & Pants » Navy A-line skirt
Advance 6245 Misses 1950s Blouses Semi Fitted Nofched Convertible ...


8's - Runners up
Mid-thigh length dresses (to wear over leggings/thick tights)
Boat necklines
Three-quarter length sleeves

look 3 breton top

5's - 'I am neutral about wearing this'
Gored skirts
All pants (trousers) - full-length 10, midi-length (below knee to mid-calf) 8
Very fitted cardigans
Cowl necklines

0's - 'I hate wearing this'
Mini skirts
Any trousers above the knee
Cropped jackets
Strapless, halter and off the shoulder styles
Spaghetti straps scored a 1

DONDUP Blue Denim Super Mini Skirtstrapless dress in pink | All Good Fashion

Some of the styles I couldn't score as I've never really tried them or haven't worn them for years:
Very full circle/dirndl skirt
Straight/very fitted pencil skirt
High waistline anything
Above elbow (as opposed to short) sleeve

Vogue 9268 50s Bias Circle SKIRT Wounded Bird Vintage Sewing Pattern ...Vintage 1950s Sewing Pattern Pencil Wiggle Skirt Fitted One Yard ...

My Conclusions

*Looks like I fall squarely into the 'classics' camp.
*I didn't know I like skirts so much. I NEED MORE SKIRTS! I scored a 10 for (certain) skirts, just a 5 for trousers.
*If I ever get bored there are a few styles I could experiment with that are still within my comfort zone.

As a result of all this I will be doing a pattern giveaway of styles that I won't wear soon so please keep an eye out. You never know, what I give away might be just what you're looking for!

Happy sewing, 'til next time!


  1. Oh Philippa, you are so funny! Hosting a giveaway of things you won't wear. I applaud your commitment and ability to let go. I need to learn some things from you (I hoard my patterns and fabric way too much).
    I think this was a great exercise in learning what you like to wear. It's a fun way to try out new things too such as the circle skirts and pencil skirts.

    1. I am funny, I think, but what can you do :) I've been thinking more than ever recently that I would like to have less patterns but treasure and use them more, if that makes sense? This exercise is helping me so much!

  2. These posts are immensely interesting, as is the challenge/project from Colette itself. I find myself clicking through to read each corresponding post on their site and while I'm not blogging about it myself, I am taking the time to read and evaluate many of the points in each in my head and am sure my answers and discoveries will help shape my own wardrobe further in the future, too.

    From one perpetual skirt lover to another, thank you for sharing this great series!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I'm so glad you are enjoying the series, too. I knew my tastes have been evolving lately and that's why I jumped on this project with such eagerness. I can't believe what I'm learning about myself. Clearly what I actually like and what I wear are quite different. Wouldn't it be lovely to be able to bring the two closer together! Although you have a clearly defined sense of style (at least to my eyes), maybe you will make one or two new discoveries, as well!

  3. This project sounds very illuminating - I am enjoying following you through this and seeing how you make out!

    PS. I love skirts too!! It's just a little chilly here right now, -27c, down to -40c with the wind chill, so skirts are out of the picture until it warms up again!!

    1. I can't even imagine temperatures that cold! I think my tastes have changed a lot recently and as I commented in response to Jessica above, I'm getting quite a few surprises about what I like (I should say, I'm being completely honest and unfiltered in all my responses and not trying to dress like anyone else). Not having a clear idea of 'my style' right now is really helping me get the most out of the exercises, I think. Please, stay warm and snug!

  4. I love your blog

    1. That's so kind of you to say! I will most certainly be having a look at yours, too :)

  5. This is such an Interesting process..I have bookmarked the sheet to have a go myself! I am intrigued to see the next stage :)