Thursday, 27 February 2014


Sew Grateful Update: Thank you very much for the fabulous response to my Sew Grateful Week posts. I'm really looking forward to reading everyone else's testimonials over the weekend. There are 2 patterns still left up for grabs in my giveaway - an 80's skirt patterns with a v-shaped yoke and a modern jersey sundress/vest top/sarong pattern. It would be great if they all went! Closes Tuesday 4th.

Also, if you've asked for a pattern - please make sure you've left your email address.

Colette Wardrobe Architect: The themes for weeks 5 and 6 both revolve around colour - choosing a palette and then organising it. Details of week 5 here, and week 6 here. Colour is something I've thought about extensively before and had a professional opinion on so I've combined these exercises into one (I want to participate fully in this project as I'm learning so much, but I don't want to cover ground twice.) To read a bit about my colour analysis, go here.

Week 5 - Your Colour Story
So, far from finding finding colour analysis impersonal, I was thrilled to discover so many new colour possibilities I wouldn't have found by myself. I loved learning how colours work together, too. The colours below are my most worn and I always feel like 'me' in them - I'd call these my base colours.

Navy blue and purple

Soft and bright corals, ivory and cream

Warm golden beiges

Dark chocolate and golden browns

Oddly the first photograph on the Coletterie post (of the woman holding the drink) pretty much illustrates my favourite colour palette, if you disregard the pale blue shirt thrown over the bench.

Sometimes I have to wear black, so I'm including it in my palette even though I don't enjoy wearing it very much now. I try to soften it with cream, pale peach and golden beige tones or accents when I do.

Finally, these are the colours I'd most like to add to my basics or try out:

Hot tomato reds

And this lovely soft green

There are some brighter colours in my House of Colour* wallet too. I'm working up to those!

When writing this post I wanted to try an online palette creator but found many of them need you to do a tutorial before you start. I found* really intuitive if you want to get going straight away. You can also save the palettes you make to return back to whenever you want. The photographs above are some of my swatch cards from my colour analysis though, as in the end these gave the truest representation of the colours on screen. They are made from a (synthetic I guess) jersey with a slight sheen and the colours are very precise and saturated.

Another thing I find useful is this colour wheel, especially when combining fabrics. It's (quite a bit) more expensive than ordinary colour wheels, but it has windows you can put your fabric (or whatever) behind, which gives a very accurate colour comparison.

Week 6 - Organising Your Palette

Neutrals: navy blue, purple, ivory, cream, warm golden beige, dark chocolate brown.
Nearly Neutrals: khaki, tobacco, soft green.
Statement Colours: tomato red, burnt orange, tangerine, coral.
Metallics: all gold based metallics and mixed metallics (I like pewter and jewellery that has more than one colour metal in it, too).

Maybe you will review what colours you like to sew and wear, and discover some new ones to complement your old favourites :)

Happy sewing, 'til next time!

*Just for reference, when I mention a brand name I am only expressing my opinion on how useful or otherwise I found the book, magazine, pattern or product, in the hope it might be of interest to someone else. I don't accept sponsorship or get paid or supplied with anything free for anything I mention on here.


  1. I've found I'm making a lot if black and grey basics right now. Part if that is needs, and part may be the cold cold winter! I have some bright florals in waiting for warming weather sewing. I think my neutrals are black and grey, and my go-to colors are purples and teals. I own a lot of RTW white/ivory tops to mix in, but don't often make white things since I ruin them so easily! My bold color is red, although red makes a regular appearance in my day to day life as well. As of the last few months I've discover mustard yellow, and look forward to more yellows!

    I love that mint, even thought mint looks really bad on me so I don't wear it, but I love seeing it on others with the skin tone to carry it off!

  2. I love the sound of your colour palette - quite cool and contrasting I think. Bright florals sound nice to sew for summer too. Always when I look at someone wearing those type of combinations I feel uplifted. Mustard yellow was in my colour analysis wallet, too and is definitely on my 'to try' list. Thank you for sharing your colour palette with me - it's so interesting to learn about others choices :)

  3. Really, really lovely colour combinations. Colour is such a huge, joy inducing element of my wardrobe. There are few hues I won't try at least once, but I have come to know over the years that certain shades just don't work with my skin/hair colouring (such as hot pink, most yellows and oranges, and some shades of purple), so I'll usually keep to those one to very small doses, say like in a piece of jewelry worn on my wrist or a pair of shoes.

    Big hugs & the very happiest wishes for a stellar month of March!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. It is fun to see your color swatches. Good luck adding more colors! Besides finding colors that might be better suited for you, doing this sort of thought process can get you out of the rut of always reaching for the same colors. I haven't done an official analysis, but sewing my own clothes has led me to read and think about colors, and that's definitely changed the colors I choose (for the better, I think).

    1. I've definitely noticed you sewing a fairly wide range of colours. The lovely Ottobre jacket stands out in my mind, and I think you like quite a bit of blue (I love blue too as it's so versatile, it's just that only the really dark blues suit me).