Sunday, 27 April 2014

A Mistake, and a Giveaway

Do you ever think starting a sewing blog was one of the best things you ever did for yourself? That's the way I've been feeling since my last post - I've had some really great suggestions to help with my zip issues that I wouldn't have thought of by myself. I really do appreciate each and every answer - thank you.

Now for this:

A thrift store 'find' from the Easter holidays. I liked the muted colours and the peasant-y style top. I didn't try it on but when I got home I did. Disaster. Too short, semi-transparent, and the gathered waist made my bust look HUGE. Even my loyal daughters laughed (and I did a bit, too).

Anyway it has well and truly put paid to any illusions that this is a style I can pull off and the dress now looks like this :)
Infinity scarf, hair tie, fabric covered bangle, elastic and button saved for a future project.

I wanted to re-use the fabric because I really like the colours, but after seeing myself in the dress I knew I'd never wear it as a t-shirt or vest top.

For the infinity scarf, I just made a long tube, turned it, twisted it once and sewed the ends up.
I've worn it all afternoon and really like it.

The hair tie was formerly the dress belt and can be worn a couple of ways. I will use it for bad hair days/when it is hot.

The bangle was one of those fairground fluorescent ones that no longer fluoresces (my daughter found it in her drawer). I carefully unpicked the stitching around the inside of the dress waist and reused the fabric from the casing (previously for the elastic) that had been on the inside of the dress to cover it.

These projects were easy, quick and the only cost was the dress (£7). The colours all co-ordinate with stuff I already have. And I promise not to wear them all at once ;)

As a consequence of trying this style - which I still think is cute, just not for me - I am giving away these patterns:

Simplicity 1972 - stretch knits only UK sizes 6 - 18

New Look 6936 - stretch knits only UK sizes 8 - 18

Butterick 5612 - lightweight wovens sizes XS - M  (approx UK size 4 - 14 maximum)

If you would like one, please leave a comment with your email address so that I can contact you for your postal address. 

I'm leaving this giveaway open for a fortnight. In the case of more than one person wanting a pattern, one of my DD's will draw on Sunday, May 11th, and I will post out as soon as possible after that date. Thanks for reading and happy sewing, 'til next time!

Philippa x


  1. I love the refashion!! Very cute. :)

  2. Great save on the dress! I'd love to win New Look 6936 - it's a style I wear pretty much all summer, flattering or not, just because it's so comfy :-) Thanks for doing a giveaway! My email address is rueniellon13 (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. I am so happy I too, have my blog. So many times I go back and read my notes or post for help. It is also nice to look back at what I've made successfully when I'm getting a bit too hard on myself.
    I love the colors on the thrift store find; and it is impressive that you were able to use all the parts still. I find that style doesn't suit my body well either, but it is a cute style!

    1. I loved reading your comment. There are so many benefits to having a sewing blog I really think I could start a very long list!

  4. Wow, completely different projects than I would think of - thanks for the inspiration! I don't need another dress/top pattern - I have the lovely (I hope!) Cynthia Rowley waiting for me in this style. I just wanted to add that yes, I'm very glad I started my blog, and now twitter and IG as there are so many wonderful things about being part of the global sewing village.

    1. Well I would usually make a top out of this much fabric, but it was the fabric itself that decided how it would be used - flimsy and see-through are two words that spring to mind! You can see how it all crumples up really small because the scarf is made from all of the dress except the sleeves and the neckband. Not a fabric I will be looking to add to my wardrobe any time soon!!

  5. I think your refashions are GREAT! I would love to win any of the patterns - I think they are awesome! LOL My email is JTKnittersan at gmail dot com

  6. Love the scarf - I think that they are fabulous and really make an outfit. What a pain about the designo f the dress though? I am jolly impressed that you are parting with the patterns, I have the pathetic habit of tucking them away and pulling them out some time later and wondering why they don't work a second time around! I am sure that they will find a good home (not me though, I think that I would have similar issues with regard to the enhancement of certain body parts!)

    PS. Forgot to mention on a previous post - I'm so glad to hear that you felt well enough to travel and I hope there is lots more traveling on the horizon!

    1. I used to do that too - but not any more, I am a reformed character :))
      Thank you for your good wishes. I hope so too. It's so lovely, after a long illness if you even have short times where you start to feel like your old self!

  7. Wow you did well to get three refashions from one dress. I love infinity scarves they really make an outfit.

  8. I do love having my blog , though I keep thinking about how I should change it, improve it, etc, etc , then just have no time so just muddle on! I love the three makes from teh one dress. I like the Butterick pattern so count me in as throwing my hat in the ring for that one. :)xx