Tuesday, 29 April 2014


I haven't written about this recently because there wasn't enough material for weekly posts. I am completing the project though - it's been amazingly helpful filtering what I want to make and wear (as opposed to love on other people). So for me and anyone following along, here is a brief run down of my weeks 9 - 12. Click on the headings to take you back to the original Coletterie post.

I'm starting from a base of few clothes so a bit of planning helps with my feeling of 'I need to make everything'. My capsule needs to have a mixture of cooler and warmer weather clothes to cope with the climate where I live. The first exercise suggested was to pick some silhouettes. My two main ones will be oversized top/slimmer bottom for casual days and an old-fashioned cardi/A-line skirt/wider trousers for everything else (I'm not excited by discussing silhouettes, sorry!).

One of the things I hoped to get from this project was a definitive and strong sense of 'my style'. I admire so many different looks, from vintage inspired to the truly avant garde. I am often impressed when a fellow blogger puts together an outfit that is completely 'them'. However, trying to come up with 'style icons' really cemented in my mind that what I admire in other women is the strength of character they have to overcome adversity or live creatively, and only in the very smallest part how they dress :) So while I genuinely enjoy admiring all those who are fabulously stylish, I am happily giving up the search for 'my look'. I'm going to make what I need and (later) what I fancy - sometimes something vintage, sometimes something modern - focus on living creatively, and accept I have eclectic taste.

I've photographed the fabrics I plan to work with that I have so far, for my capsule wardrobe.

The green isn't my palette at all (and is way brighter IRL) but it came my way secondhand, and if a decent fabric comes my way secondhand I don't argue. Plus I like it against navy. (All these fabrics are secondhand. I'm hoping the majority of my capsule wardrobe fabrics will be.)

By the way, I will also be making other stuff that's not part of this project from fabric I already own, so there will still be a fair bit of randomness (as hinted at above). The capsule will be a base so I actually have enough coordinating clothes to wear.

I followed the steps suggested of seeing what I have that matches the colours and silhouettes I've chosen, finding the holes, shopping for inspiration (in my pattern collection:) ) and making a list. 

I'm fortunate enough to have what I need/want. (Although I would like some vintage style sunglasses, thinking about it.) I love bracelets, bangles, scarves and shoes the best of all accessories right now.

I've done such a lot of planning, I'm really looking forward to the fruits of this project. I intend to photograph all the clothes I make together when they are done, so I can see what I've achieved!

Happy sewing, 'til next time,

Philippa x


  1. I've really enjoyed reading your posts on the wardrobe project. While I'm not specifically doing this project, you post have gotten me to think a lot about my own wardrobe and how better sew for it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am so intrigued to see what you are going to make and how they work out! xx

  3. I think you are completely normal in the respect of having eclectic taste. I am the same. I admire women who manage to stick to one look, or era, but I could never do that - I think I'd miss out on so much! It sounds like you have the balance right, in terms of style and colours. I look forward to seeing what you do next!

    1. I'm glad I'm not alone! A few sewers express really strong opinions about style - I think I got a bit confused there for a while, but I now realise it honestly doesn't matter if I don't fall squarely into one camp or another. Thank you!

  4. I think if you are choosing projects because you truly love them, in patterns and colours you really love too; you just can't go wrong. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make next :)

  5. Interesting, keen to see what you make for your capsule wardrobe.

  6. I've so enjoyed all your WA posts; I'm really looking forward to seeing your capsule wardrobe :)

  7. Beautiful Capsule Pallette! Those colors are right up my alley and I can't wait to see what you make with them!