Sunday, 22 June 2014


Some people don't seem to need aprons, but I definitely do. Over the last few months, here and there between other things, I've sewn four aprons. One is a gift.

Which do you like best?


Fabric is denim from stash, unusable for 'good' clothing because of permanent creases (don't know how they got there) - tough and great for dog bathing/grooming.  Contrast is reverse of denim. No scraps left :)

Rarely has a dog needed attention as much as this little guy :) Don't worry, half an hour after this picture was taken, he had had his nails cut, teeth brushed, a trim and a bath!

"Goodness, getting clean is such hard work!"

2 & 3.

Fabric is an old cream curtain that was my mum's and a small piece of vintage (possibly late '50's/early '60's) cotton/linen (unsure) gingham/floral fabric gifted by my mother-in-law around 14 years ago - great for cooking and housework. The twin is for my mum, I don't make enough for her! Again, no scraps left :)

Action shot.

All from this pattern:

It would be great practice for a beginner, there are a lot of techniques in there, including a bit of hand stitching and learning to make lovely rounded patch pockets by drawing up the corners (I enjoyed this bit).


Fabric is an old curtain (I don't like to use new fabric for aprons). A re-issued 50's pattern - fun to wear to bake! Small amount of fabric left which I have plans for :))

Made from this pattern:

I liked the '40's apron too (view A), but my 'to sew' list is currently too long to contemplate stitching down lots of bias tape and adding embroidery to an apron. I'm definitely keeping the pattern incase I ever get the time, besides I enjoyed every minute of sewing this. It was different to the basic stuff I usually make - feminine, flowery and frilly! It was so fun to give that side of myself a little expression and it was a joy to make, sewn the old fashioned way with pressed open zig zagged seams and thread gathering. No overlocking, no rushing :)...and can I just say, this apron is almost a dress! Lined pocket, lined bib and buttonholes! I will try to restrain myself from wearing it out of the house ;)

The illustration inside made me smile, too. Look at these sassy ladies!

No messing with them in the kitchen :)

don't think I will need another apron for a long time, and this post marks the finish of my list. I'm going to start my Colette Wardrobe Architect sewing in earnest now, with the aim of making a flexible mix and match collection of clothes in the styles and colours I was drawn to over the weeks. New to me patterns will get their own posts, repeats in a different fabrics will be posted in groups. Finally I would like to photograph them all together at the end. 

Happy sewing, 'till next time!

Philippa x


  1. Last year I made some aprons for Christmas presents! A fun garment to make! I love that last one, and would totally ware that for a fun dinner party :) I use an apron at home (most often when washing dishes when I'm wearing something nice or going out later) and another on sometimes in the art studio.

  2. 2 and 3 are my favorite - I love the colors on them. I was really excited to see that I have that pattern too! Yes! I have needed to make an apron for both kitchen, and dog grooming but I keep putting it off. The 4th apron (which I also have that pattern, lol) is beautiful and I'd be too afraid of getting it messed up :D I also love that you had no scraps left, what a great feeling!
    I need to get Nala groomed up today - she hates her nails being done and I'm too afraid to do her teeth, is it hard?

    1. It's not really hard, it just takes a while for them to get used to it! I asked my vet, who said give a dentastix once a day (do you have these, they are like grooved chews) which cleans the back teeth, then you only need to do the sides and front with a brush. We use chicken liver toothpaste which smells absolutely disgusting but the dogs seem to like it! I let them sniff the brush and toothpaste first which seems to lessen the fear, then gently lift the upper lip, they clamp their teeth together so you can do top and bottom at the same time. Both my dogs hated it when they were puppies but now they sit quite resignedly just waiting patiently for it to be over (ditto baths). Good luck!

  3. I really like the utilitarian look of the denim apron. It looks like it will last forever!

    Looking forward to your Wardrobe Architect sewing, next!

  4. The one apron that I made is hands down my most worn handmade garment! :) Nothing better than a denim apron in my book.

  5. Oh, an apron has been on my to-do list for ages! I like the denim one best but am impressed by how the final one really covers you skirt so well - that style would be great for me as I am so messy. And your dog is so sewwt ;} xx

    1. I'm so messy too! Sigh, why is that. And I wipe my hands on my apron sometimes. Like I said, I really do need them, and they were a lot more fun to sew than I feared.

  6. I like the coverage provided by the wrap-around bib apron (#4). I'm never splashed when I am wearing 'chore' clothing but should I dare wear something good while cooking...

  7. I love the super fluffy and feminine one! It's just so festive and the bossy pattern art is has captured my fancy.

  8. These are all so marvelous!!! I love aprons and wear one nearly daily. Between cooking, crafting, tending to the pets, packaging up order to post out, and myriad other tasks, there's no way my vintage garb would remain in good, stain-free shape for long without one.

    These are all terrific, but my absolute favourite, since you asked :), is the gorgeous frilly one at the end. It's me to a tee and makes me think of ruffled 1940s summer sundresses.

    ♥ Jessica