Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Funnel Neck Coco Fleece

When I was talking about my general lack of style direction I forgot about the one part of my wardrobe I really and truly have sorted. I've been wearing variations on this 'look' since my teenage years and would summarise it as 'Cornish fisherman'. The components are: smocks of various types + jeans (any length according to season) + oldest brogues, clogs, deck shoes or loafers I own. Frequently accessorised with dogs, mud and/or sand - never fails.

Please find the latest addition below:
had this version of the Coco pattern in mind all holiday; it would have been so useful for walking/windy beaches. Oh well, next time! (The other versions I've made of this pattern are here and here and give a few more details how it works for my body shape.)

Apologies for indoor photo. This was taken on the day the tail of Hurricane Bertha whipped our neighbourhood. It brought cooler weather with it, and I've also worn this with a long sleeved striped top showing under the sleeves which adds a bit of contrast to all the blue.

Fleece is not a suggested fabric, but as it has a little stretch it worked out fine. (Fleece from recycled bottles, stocked here and bought over a year ago. I was really pleased to see this is still available, as it's the only non-wholesale source of recycled fleece I have been able to find. There is a lot of colour choice, too.)

Pattern alterations:
*Took triangular wedge from the bottom sides of the pattern pieces due to my straighter hips.
*Positioned the seam for the roll collar at CB instead of at the side as pattern directs - with my bulkier fabric, I thought this would look neater - now I'm not sure and will probably do as the pattern directs if I make this again.
*Sewed side seams straight down (no side splits).
*Took deeper hem of 1.5".

Made largely on the overlocker, the inside is as neat as the outside. Hemmed with a twin needle, rather than zigzagged - I'm so glad I've finally mastered the twin needle, it makes such a difference to how professional the finish is on fleeces and knits :)

Here is the top on a nicer day but as you can see I did not pull it down or arrange it in any way so please excuse the triangular boob!!

My only wish is that I'd had enough fabric for some nice snuggly pockets in the side seams. Should I make this again, I'm definitely adding them.

Happy sewing, 'til next time,

Philippa x


  1. Great idea to make this in fleece, and I did laugh at the triangle boobs! Hey, we can't live life striking model poses!!! A kangaroo style pocket, like on a hoodie, would be good on this too.

  2. That looks like a great fall staple! Mastering a twin needle is something I need to learn. I love knits and that would make them look just that much better.

  3. Looks so snuggly! I'd like one in burnt orange like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's please mum ;-)

  4. Cornish fisherman!! I'm totally down with that look. (I may be investing in some clogs soon, myself.) I like the cozy fabric and silhouette with the stylish funnel neck.

  5. What a splendidly cozy looking top. I especially like how you paired with a red skirt in the second ensemble. You have gorgeous, shapely legs, dear Philippa - wowza! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Cute! I agree, great idea to use fleece! I bet it is so cozy. Made from recycled bottles? How cool is that!!! Pockets would be nice in it too. I always associate pockets with fleece.
    You are convincing me I need the coco pattern ;-)

  7. Comfy AND stylish - what a win! It looks great :) I haven't come across fabric like that before; how inspiring. I'll have to track some down, I think :)

  8. Oh, I love the Cornish Fisherman Look. I regret not salvaging my dad's old sailing smocks from his wardrobe. And his old sailing guernseys. (Though to be honest they were very very musty and fusty smelling!) The fleece looks so good on, you make me rethink the coco pattern. Plus I like the idea of recycled fleece as it can be such an un-green fabric in some iterations. Pockets would make that a musthave I think

  9. Cornish fisherman, I love it! And that looks so lovely and snuggly and cosy!! The funnel neck is a really nice look.

  10. Yep, got to agree with the 'snuggly' clan - it looks lovely! Great for winter which is just around the corner :)