Monday, 15 September 2014

Little Tie-dye Skirt & Do You Post Everything You've Made?

This skirt is a repeat make of Simplicity 2343, first one here in stretch denim.

The fabric is a firm woven canvas from my stash. I put the darker side of the tie-dye on the front and the lighter side round the back. There was no logic to that decision really. It wasn't particularly nice to sew (see slightly wobbly stitching on zipper lap) - I don't think it's clothing fabric. I puchased it as a remnant intending to make a cushion, but my lack of interest in sewing for the home has been documented before - hence it ended up as a skirt!

This pattern seems to work in virtually any woven fabric and one of the best things imo is if you make the short version it doesn't need much yardage at all (not much more than a cushion ;)).

The top I am wearing here is one of my Cocos, but I am hoping to imagine a better pairing eventually. I do feel like 'me' in this skirt, as it has elements of 'old hippie' in the tie-dye but a more tailored shape which I like on my body.

On a side note, I am wondering whether you post everything you've made, including repeats and fails? I know it's personal choice, but I'm curious because I'm still working out what I want to post. I like to see repeats on other blogs, as if a pattern is made multiple times it's usually a winner, and it's nice to see the same style in a different fabric, too.

As for fails, I see it as a kind of solidarity thing (we all have stuff that goes wrong). They are especially useful if they flag up a problem with a pattern. I don't aim for perfection with my blog as you can probably tell, so at the moment I post everything. For me, my blog is another way to have fun with like minded friends :)

So, what's your view on this pressing matter of great sewing blog importance? Do repeats bore you? Do you hide your fails in a secret place?! There are no right and wrong answers, but I'd love to know your opinions!

Happy sewing, 'til next time,

Philippa x


  1. I like the blend of hippy and tailored, it suits you. I used to get very frustrated that hippy clothes seemed to come in two sizex. Androgenous skinny teenager and large tent. I also love that you found the right pattern for a remnant - it's such a great feeling.

    I intend to post everything, but don't always get around to it. l agree, seeing multiple versions with different fabrics and variations really gives you the idea how a pattern works "in real life".

  2. What a great pattern for a small piece of fabric. I like the simplicity of the shape tied with tie dye. I tend to blog everything,I like to sew repeatedly from one pattern. Got to get full value ;) and I love seeing variations on a pattern, the endless possibilities of different fabrics Tec. I like to share imperfections. That how we learn, from mistakes after all. I am not too fond of "perfect sewing" blogs....xx

  3. Nice skirt, it suits you.
    I do usually share if something has gone wrong as I think everyone likes to see that. I get a bit bored of those blogs that present a perfect picture.

  4. I love the look you achieved with the tie dye! It's so vibrant and crisp. (And nobody will ever notice slightly wobbly stitching.) I think the intersection of tailored and hippy is an interesting place to sew.

    I've never explicitly decided to post certain kinds of projects, but I have a backlog of knits projects - a couple Sewaholic Renfrews, t-shirts for my husband and undies. I have a hard time getting excited to photograph them. As far as fails go, I think there are four main categories for me: muslin fail that never sees the light of day, incomplete fail that gets chopped up for parts, a project that fails after wears and washes, and style fails that don't suit me or my wardrobe. I should do a "where are they now?" post!

  5. Ooh I like it!
    I pretty much blog most everything because there is a lesson to be learned in all the categories you mentioned. I think we underuse our patterns as well so it's good to see repeats or mix and matches that can be done with what we already have...

  6. You know I'm not scared to post fails! I like having the record of what I've made- good and bad. However, recently I do have a few things I'm made that are kind of boring and I don't think I'm going to blog them. Time is a big factor for me now with a little one and work. I love the tie dye. I am huge fan of a bohemian look and I like the idea of using bohemian fabrics with more tailored styles. I think it's a great compromise and you end up with some really cool pieces- like your skirt!

  7. Repeats don't personally bore me, assuming there's something new brought to the proverbially table each time. It's great to stick with what works and share your passion for such favourites time and time again.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for each and every one of your fantastic recent blog comments (and for filling out my reader survey, too). ♥

  8. I like your skirt and that is a great style for you with the huge bonus of little fabric use. I"ll have to find one of those so I can use up smaller pieces. Slim skirts don't work for the bike tho' -I wonder if I can find a slightly A-line version.
    I don't always post everything-tho' if I do something new or different I try to post it so I have a way to remember.

  9. I really like the way the simple lines of the design allow the fabric to take centre stage. It's funny - I LOVE seeing and being inspired by how other people reinterpret patterns but I always feel a bit uncertain ("same-old, same-old") when I do it myself!
    PS: I was just nominated for the blog hop on writing that's going around at the moment and would like to nominate you in turn, since I really admire both your lovely makes and your approach to sewing sustainably. If you're interested, let me know at :)

  10. You have lots of cute little skirts! I try to document everything, eventually :)

  11. Don't suppose you fancy going to a sewing meet up in October? I really fancy it but don't know anyone.

    1. Please email me at to discuss this further - I don't have your email address (or not that I can find). Thank you so much!

  12. The skirt looks great on you! I do post all my makes, but to be honest I don't make that much. The only things not posted are some pre blog makes. I like to share successes, failures and multiple makes, and I like to read about them all too!

  13. Great skirt Philippa! It does look like a "you" thing to wear :) I love, love, love tie dyed things.
    To answer your question, I do like to post everything I make because I like to remember what I've done, how I've grown, and what worked and didn't :) Plus, I like to read and see what others are making and re-making because then I know a pattern is great when someone wants to make it time and again. Plus, like you said, it is cool to see things in different patterns and ways.
    I wanted to tell you thanks for that wonderful comment on my blog the other day; it made me smile :) I wouldn't wish chronic illness on anyone because it is sure tough to deal with day in and out. I'm still not better, but I'm at least managing to get out of bed each day for a bit now. I do look forward to reading your post you mentioned. Thanks again Philippa!!

  14. I don't know how I missed this one Philippa! This style looks great on you, very flatttering! I don't usually post fails...I ball that mess up and move on. Quick! Why dwell on past mistakes in life or in sewing?

  15. Very cute skirt - and such a great choice of fabric!

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