Thursday, 1 January 2015

Hello! New Year.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas! I started a new job as well as being knee deep in holiday preparations, so I haven't written here for a while. I've really missed sewing and blogging and hope to do more this year, but I've signed up for more training so time will tell...

Today I want to share my sewing resolutions with you. For me, resolutions that encourage a change in mindset rather than something too specific work best ("eat less cake" is never going to work - I will just think about cake continually, and therefore eat more). 

So this year I resolve to make the most of my existing resources. I am not promising stop buying new fabric or patterns completely, but I will check what I already have first. In the past I feel I have been impressed with new artwork/up to date photographs - I will look at line drawings to see if new patterns are similar to those I already have. Also I will consider whether I can revive my drafting skills to tweak patterns. Years ago I learnt how to draft patterns to body measurements at college and could make patterns for things like shirts and coats from scratch. Yes, I am living proof that if you don't use it, you loose it! Despite some elementary mistakes and some really disastrous garments made during the last few years, I am starting to feel more confident in my abilities again. Or maybe that's why I'm starting to feel more confident. Sewing needs to be done to learn. I just hope my new found confidence translates into decent things to wear. However, due to my endless desire to experiment I will continue to produce a fair amount of totally unsuitable and unwearable garments. Maybe I should also resolve to view mistakes as learning opportunities!

I have also taken part in Karen's Sew Sessment. It's specific, but covers a lot in a few minutes.

SEW SESSMENT! See How Your Sewing Lines up

Top Three Items That I Wear For Home:
Knit tops, denim skirt, jeans.
Top Three Items That I Wear For Work:
Knit tops, cardigans, skirts.
Top Three Sewing Talents (go on, show off!):
Hand sewing, pattern and stripe matching, seam finishes.
Top Three Sewing Weak Spots (ouch!):
Buttonholes, easing anything in to anything else (curves, sleeves), top stitching.
Top Three Sewing Goals:
Do 'proper' FBAs, sew trousers (not drawstring waist), and improve finish on everything.
Top Three People Who Enable Me:
Internet friends (thank you!), my family, my clients (yes one or two are interested in my sewing!).
Top Three People I Enable:
Other sewing bloggers.
Top Three Reasons I Can't Sew:
Lack of time, tiredness.
Top Three Reasons I Can Sew:
I have the resources, I can make things more cheaply than I can buy them if I source materials effectively, it gives my brain a rest from everything else!
I think this year just finding the time will be challenge enough.

I won't mind if I don't achieve any of my Top Three Sewing Goals from the assessment this year, but it will be fun to try.

Finally - it was lovely sharing creating and sewing with you last year. I'm really looking forward to what 2015 brings and I hope you are too.

Happy sewing, 'til next time,

Philippa x


  1. Happy 2015 to you Philippa! I hope the new job is fun for you and look forward to all your future makes :D

  2. Happy new year Philippa! My only goal is to make some more time for sewing, too. Hope this year is a good one for you!

  3. Happy New Year to you too! I hope that your job settles down to a happy balance so that you have more time to sew and blog. I love the sew sessment - and will have a go myself. It looks like it concentrates your thoughts, sewing wise. I find it interesting that amongst your talents are pattern and stripe matching (those are two things that I shy away from) and buttonholes are a weak spot. I don't know what sewing machine you have, but if you can get a Singer buttonholer (from the 60's/70's, they are really cheap) that fits your machine, they are pretty much fool proof.

    Happy sewing in 2015 - I look forward to continue reading your blog!

  4. I've missed you, Philippa! Congratulations on the new job. I love your approach to resolutions as a change in mindset - that's how I look at them, too! Making the most of your existing resources also sounds exactly how I want to approach supplies this year. I hadn't realized that you had some patternmaking training - so excited to see where you take that this year!

  5. I too have missed you! I like the resolutions and lists. I M looking forward to seeing what you make and to more blight interactions ...couldn't think of a better word. Xx

  6. I really like your approach to goals for the coming years - so practical and constructive. All the best for your new job, and a very happy new year to you!

  7. Happy new year! Looking forward to seeing what you create, successful or otherwise! And good luck with the job too. X

  8. Great resolutions! And I'm going ti check out that Sew Sessment right now!

  9. Congratulations on your new job & good to see you. Thank you for the reminder about the Sewsessment - a great thing to do at the start of the year! I may have to revisit mine! Good luck for 2015, may you find time to get your sewing to the place you want it to be,

  10. Happy New Year Philippa! Yes, finding time to sew is a real challenge. I have patterns and fabric just yearning to be put into use. These days I tend not to get too distracted by the latest 'big thing' on sewing blogs but am hoping to concentrate on making useful and wearable clothes this year.

  11. Happy New Year and go on, do the FBA, the instructions are less complicated when you actually have the stuff in front of you. And if you manage proper trousers I'll try too (fabric & pattern still on side from over a year ago, eek). Very impressed that you used to draft patterns.

  12. Happiest congratulations on your new job, my sweet friend. What a great note to start 2015 off on. I hope that things go well for you there and that it proves to be a really enjoyable position.

    Likewise, with all my heart, I hope that 2015 brings joy, positive health, and many wonderful reasons to smile and celebrate your way.

    Huge hugs (from massively snowy) Canada,
    ♥ Jessica

  13. Happy new year, Philippa! I hope your new job is going well and you're still able to squeeze in time for your sewing (:

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