Sunday, 18 January 2015

Re-re-cycled Skirt

Firstly, group apology if I normally comment on your blog. I am so behind on blog reading. I am still adjusting to working so much and am used to a lot more free time. I'm pleased to say the job is worth it and I already feel very much at home, but yes my online and real life social life have taken a bit of a dive.

Anyway. My first completed garment of the year is a skirt refashioned from a skirt I made from a thrifted dress. The first skirt I made was too short to be worn at the midi length I originally intended, unless it was pulled down low on my hips which wasn't comfortable (not sure how that happened - it was one of my beginners mistakes). It has never been worn but was a useful trial for the skirt I finally made here

I kept it because I like the warm fabric and the golds, creams and blues in the pattern. This is the 'new improved' skirt:

The material is not like a modern fabric. The closest thing I can compare it to is ponte. It is one of those indestructible non-iron blends, but this one has the advantage of being 8% wool and even that tiny percentage makes it lovely and warm. I always worry these old-fashioned fabrics end up sitting in landfill for decades so it is good to use it. I can't imagine anyone buying clothes made from this anymore, unless they need a costume or fancy dress.

The refashion was cutting off the waistband and 7 inches of hem, which provided fabric for making a facing for the waist. The front of the skirt looked a bit plain so I made some patch pockets from the dress sleeves which I had saved. I made the round shape for the pockets by drawing round a saucer.

The swirly patterns at the top of the pockets were the dress cuffs. I put a button on each as the existing cuff buttonholes were still there. There are three buttons on the placket at the back too for fastening instead of a zip, as the placket was originally at the front of the dress and was quite shallow. They are more decorative than useful anyway because of the stretch. I got them out of the button stash started by my Grandma and continued by me. I finished the hem with bias tape.

I am really happy with how this turned out. Sometimes projects work just how you imagined - this was one. I am already digging through my refashion pile again. The period after Christmas always seems to refocus my thoughts on reducing waste - it must be a reaction to all the celebrations!

* I will be keeping a tally of the cost of my sewing at the end of each project during 2015. Materials purchased prior to this year will be listed as £0.*

Total cost of this project: £0.

A good start.

Happy sewing 'til next time,

Philippa x


  1. I like it very looks a flattering length on you now. I like the little pockets with the curved shape. Xx

  2. much better than the first attempt, good for you

  3. This is so flattering! Great save. I love the colours too.

  4. Oh this looks so cute on you! Great save.

  5. Gorgeous skirt and a lovely length - it looks very cute indeed!

  6. Cute re-re-fashion! I love that look of an a-line mini with tights. Have yet to make myself one. Yours looks great!

  7. You look fantastic, dear Philippa. That fabric has such a classic vibe to it. My first thought is how it makes me think of similar fabrics (usually brocades) from the Tudor period that I've seen in photos over the years.

    There's something very vintage approved, especially circa the Great Depression or WW2, about continuing to make over a garment multiple times, as you've done here. Our foremothers would definitely give you a big thumbs up here! :)

    Many hugs & happy Tuesday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  8. I love love love that fabric! the pattern is so pretty! It looks great on you, too. I also find myself wanting to scale back and not spend so much when each year ticks over. Sort of a "I'll do better this year" thing. I must say, I haven't been doing good at all with that so far.
    I'm glad you are enjoying work :)

  9. The new skirt is quite flattering! I have the same reaction, post-holidays. Even though I was fantasizing about new projects while I made my coat, I just haven't wanted to start anything. I surprised myself by reaching into my long-neglected mending pile last night.

  10. The skirt looks fabulous at this length! a terrific decision. You look really cute in this outfit, the silhouette really suits you :)

  11. Ah Philippa that looks great! Nice idea to tally up your sewing spenditure! xx

  12. What a lovely skirt, and it looks great on you. :)

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